Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 10

Police Officer in Tallahassee Tases Unarmed 61-Year-Old Black Woman in the Back   An elderly woman with her back turned poses no threat to an officer that would justify the use of such dangerous and excessive force. It’s obvious that these police officers are programmed to view black people as less than human regardless of their age and fragility. She was black first over being a …

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Oct 08

All This For Not Wearing A Seatbelt: Police Break Vehicle Window & Taze Passenger!

  First the officers should have taken into consideration of the kids being in the back seat before breaking the window in front of them. There was no need for the police to proceed aggressively, considering the driver and the passenger gave them their information. Also in my opinion there was no need for the passengers …

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Oct 07

White S.C. Trooper Sean Groupert Shoots Cooperative Black Citizen

  In this case, they clearly can’t use the excuse of black men being shot because we’re not cooperating with police.