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Mar 09

Ferguson police officers and city officials shared racist emails

This is what was found in writing, so imagine what their conversations sound like in person when no one of color is around.

Aug 14

White Ferguson Cop Calls Michael Brown Protesters ‘Fucking Animals’ Caught On Tape

  This is nothing new for us, deep down the entire black community knows this is how the majority of white police view us.  What’s interesting is CNN caught what the officer said and decided to report it.

Jun 04

Black Women Subjected to Full Body Cavity Search on TX Highway

  As a black woman, my stomach turns watching this video.  This incident goes far beyond questioning the ethics of law enforcement.  The actions taken against these women were nothing short of rape and both officers should be charged accordingly.  Although many may view this as two incompetent police officers, I believe this was a …

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Jun 05

Miami-Dade Police Tackle, Choke 14-Year-Old For Giving Them “Dehumanizing Stare

May 04

White Police officer cleared in shooting death of an elderly black man

A grand jury has found that a White Plains police officer committed no crime when he fatally shot an elderly former Marine after an emotional standoff at the man’s apartment, authorities said yesterday. The family of the slain man, 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., promptly said they would ask federal authorities to open a probe of …

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