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Sep 19

Black Man Fatally Shot By Tulsa Police Had No Gun

Sep 19

Roland Martin Gives Bill O’Reilly A History Lesson On Black Folks And American Patriotism

Aug 15


Jul 28

Bill O’Reilly: Slaves Who Built the White House Were ‘Well Fed,’ Had Government Lodging

Once again, a white man trying to dictate the narrative of how black Americans should view the history of slavery in America. Bill O’Reilly could not stomach the fact that Michele Obama acknowledged that the white house was built off of slavery, so he decided to come up with a watered down version of the …

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Jul 21

Police Shoot Black unarmed mental health worker

There is literally no more cooperating that could have been done. He was laying down with hands up and talking to the police to let them know there is no weapon and he still gets shot? On top of that, he was put into hand cuffs before police examined the wounds to assess what level …

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Jul 15

23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America

I notice a lot a white Americans are upset that black Americans are speaking out against injustice and inequality in America. My advice to those white people is to help us fight for equality to change the inequities. If it doesn’t exist then white America won’t have to hear us talk about it anymore.

Jul 07

Girlfriend Of Philando Castile Who Was Fatally Shot By Minnesota Police Speaks Out! “He Was Never A Bad Man”

True sister soldier to have the composure she demonstrated while being confronted with a gun in her face as her fiance sits dying beside her. To have the presence of mind in recalling and articulating the detailed account of what was witnessed and experienced firsthand and sound judgement to live stream the aftermath of the …

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Jul 07

Live Police Shooting of Philando Castile | Livestream Video [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Jul 07

Slain Baton Rouge Man’s Son Breaks Down As His Mother Addresses Cop Shooting! “I Want My Daddy”

It’s sad enough that his family lost someone that they love but what’s making it even worse is that she is having to defend his character when it’s irrelevant to him being murdered by these police officers. This is a case that could have been easily deescalated by having a conversation before tackling and restraining …

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Jun 15

Race Debate? What The Sentences For These 2 College Athletes Convicted Of Rape Say About Our Broken Justice System!

Truth … The majority of the legal system is controlled and was built by old white males. When in a position of judicial power they only see the accused black boy as a criminal versus when they see a white boy who is their mirror reflection. They are more likely to be more lenient because …

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