Jan 25



The “Stand your Ground” Florida gun law was created ONLY for the benefit of white Floridians.  There’s no reason for Mr. Dooley, being a senior citizen over 70 years old, to be sent to prison when he tried to walk away from an altercation that was amplified by David James, an ex-military active man 28 years younger.  This was even the testimony of  David James’ own daughter.  The basics of the “Stand your Ground” law  is right to be able to legally defend yourself when you feel your life is in danger.  It was nothing for this 240 lb white man to hit this over 70 year old, 160 lb black man and deliver a fatal blow.


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  • michael s

    Trevor Dooley was convicted of all charges in 100 minutes. George Zimmerman acquitted of all charges in 16.5 hrs. Both cases were about self defense and SYG. Obvious racial double standard.

    • Anonymous

      Where have you been Mike? I’m sure you’ve been sad since the verdict. I read about a case you might be interested in though. It’s the 2009 case of Roderick Scott. Look it up buddy. You’ll love it.

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